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Turn any device into an oscilloscope. Use the se-scope to monitor your embedded device. Plot any variable, trigger on events, display, and filter your log messages.

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Product overview

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Our solution is a platform and vendor overarching tool! Unify your monitoring workflow across different devices using se-scope.

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se-scope can be used during development, in the lab for testing, and even in the field by a service technician. There is no need to attach a debugger, to use se-scope just connect your computer to the device using serial or ethernet.

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se-scope-target is designed in C with flash usage in mind and the runtime of its function calls have been kept to a minimum.

se-scope consists of the se-scope-target C library and the accompanying se-scope-gui desktop application, with which any embedded device can be transformed into an oscilloscope. Use the se-scope to monitor data and peripherals, log the state of your state machines, display counters or debug your code - the choice is yours!

se-scope-target has already been implemented by us for various microcontrollers, among them are for example: STM32 Nucleo, Raspberri Pi und TI C2000

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Triggering on signal events! Select a channel, choose between continuous or one-shot mode, specify the trigger level and finally decide between rising or falling edge. se-scope will take care of the rest and captures the signal at the requested trigger point.

Overview image of the se-scope-gui

Display your log messages using se-scope! Stream your log messages to the se-scope GUI and select the log level filter to only display the log messages you are interested in.


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